Class of 2016

The school year is almost over and many of the faces people have gotten close to won’t be there anymore.

senior group.jpg

Skyline’s seniors are graduating and they won’t be returning. Many seniors are remaining close by and are planning to attend Pratt’s very own Pratt Community College.

“I plan to go to PCC and tentatively major in Graphic Design,” senior Briana Neifert said.

Senior Hanna Baird plans on moving to Dallas, Texas and take PCC’s online classes until she establishes residency.

Two of the seniors have signed on to college sports.

Senior Jessica DeWeese has committed to participate in track and field at Friends University.

Senior Payje Orler committed to playing basketball at Bethel College.

Many seniors are continuing their education in their hometown Pratt, six of the 22 seniors are moving on to new things.

“I’m going to the University of Kansas and I’m thinking about majoring in something medical or business,” senior Colin Kumberg.

Close friend of Kumberg, senior Kasey Gilpin, also plans on majoring in business, but closer to home at Wichita State University.

Many of the seniors are planning on working while attending college.

Senior Bailey DeClue plans on attending PCC for two years while working.

Other seniors, or senior, have not yet decided on a final destination.

Senior Betsy Giles, one of the most qualified students of Skyline, has not yet decided which college has offered the best option for her to attend. Giles said that if all else fails, she will become a pirate.

Coincidentally, the University of Kansas offers a class in pirating history.

A lot of these students are ready to experience the new horizon ahead of them.

“I’m excited to not be in high school next year because it’s boring and I’m ready to leave,” Kumberg said.

Senior Lucas Cason is excited to be done with high school because he’s ready to sleep in more.

In spite of the excitement of leaving and getting a new experience, many of the students are going to miss many of the memories and friends they have made at Skyline.

“I’ll miss my friends and school sports,” DeClue said. “I’ll have to be an adult.”

Those that have been at Skyline since day one feel very connected to their home of 13 years.

“It’ll be a big a change from being here since kindergarten and I’ll miss knowing everyone and the family atmosphere,” DeWeese said.

Even though they’ll be miles apart, they will be close in Skyline’s heart.


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