NBA playoffs continue to build anticipation

Of the many hobbies that some high school students partake in, one is keeping up with the much anticipated NBA playoffs.

The games begin in the middle of April and end around the middle of June. After an extensive 82 game regular season, the top eight teams from the Eastern and Western conferences go against each other and try to will themselves to the NBA Finals with a chance of taking home the NBA championship trophy. These games are played in a bracket style, best of seven series.

The two one seeded teams are the Golden State Warriors from the Western Conference and the Cleveland Cavaliers from the Eastern Conference. Coming out with the win in last year’s matchup against the Cavaliers in the Finals, and finishing the season with a record high number of 73 wins this regular season, the Warriors are the likely favorite to win it again. The other top seeds standing in their way are the San Antonio Spurs, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the defending Eastern Conference Champion Cavaliers.

“I like the Thunder because they are a team full of all-stars and they are a team that’s close to Kansas,” junior Jared Shriver said.

Though these top seeds are the favorites to win the title, there are 16 teams in the playoffs, and with the league being so talented across the board, there is a chance that the underdog teams can upset the bigger teams.

Injuries and fatigue from the 82 game regular season can also be a factor on how the teams perform in the playoffs. Major injuries in the playoffs include the reigning league MVP Stephen Curry from the Warriors, and Chris Paul and Blake Griffin from the Los Angeles Clippers.

“I am excited for the playoffs because the intensity of the games is much higher, and the teams try harder compared to the regular season,” senior Alex Lutz said.

Students are excited to see the how their favorite teams perform and see who will win the championship.

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