Older students bond with elementary kids

High school students are greatly encouraged to bond with the elementary and middle school children. Many of the little kids enjoy it because they get to spend quality time with the older kids. The high school kids enjoy taking responsibility and having fun with the elementary and middle school children.

Freshman Stephanie Holmes has fun bonding with different age groups throughout the school because it’s something different from the everyday school life.

“I like being with the younger children during T-Bird Teams because no one gets left out  of  the activities and we can all have fun,” Holmes said.

She always helped out with the children who were in her T-Bird Teams and made sure all the children were having fun with the best of her ability.

T-Bird Teams has definitely become a very good, once a month event by bringing the whole school together. It helps the entire student body to learn how to work together in different projects with multiple separate age groups.

Freshman Sarah Biettel has been a great influence on the younger children.

“I am able to bond with children who aren’t usually able to bond with others,” Biettel said. Many of the young ones that Beittel spends her T-Bird Teams with appear to enjoy having her with them.

Ever since the T-Bird Teams were started up a few years back the entire school has become more united with each other. Little kids have fun being able to affiliate with the older kids. Many of the students of the entire school are happier that they know other students of various ages.

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