Summer brings busy schedules for students

Skyline students have big plans this summer that vary from athletics to activities with family.

Summer may be called the off-season, but there is very little time off for athletes. Football players have weights four days a week in the morning throughout the summer along with camp. Volleyball also has weights and a camp in the summer while cross country has a certain amount of miles they have to run throughout the off-season.

Basketball players have lots of opportunities throughout the summer to get in the gym. The boys’ and the girls’ teams each play in the Skyline Summer League and the boys’ go to a team camp at K-State, while the girls’ go to a team camp at Wichita State. Assistant boys’ coach Kenny Eddy has one-on-one training available for anybody that wants to get into the gym over the summer. He also has three camps that he will put on this summer for $30 each with all proceeds going to a Dr. Dish basketball shooting machine.

“This summer I plan on working and lifting weights for football,” sophomore Will Wiltshire said. “Also I plan on playing summer league basketball and swimming in my pond.”

There is more going on in people’s lives than sports this summer. A lot of students are looking forward to just spending some time relaxing while many others have plans to go on family vacations or other family activities.

“I plan on traveling a lot this summer,” freshman Sarah Beittel said. “We are going to Florida, New York, Ohio and a few other places. It’s going to be a busy summer, but I can’t wait.”

Summer is a busy season for many people, but the time off of school is a joy to everyone.


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