K-State brings Fine Arts day to Skyline

On September 30 Skyline had for the first time a special day called Fine Arts Day. On that day, the musical art group from K-State came to work with Skyline High School students. They did lots of things with music to bring all the kids together.

“We can learn a lot from music,” Student Success Coordinator Diane House said.

At first they introduced themselves in very musical ways. They invited the students to do the same and a new musical atmosphere filled the little gym.

“It was a great opportunity to do something different and for our kids to be exposed to what goes on in K-State,” House said.

One of the points in their program was that the high school students had to write two verses about Skyline and Kansas with the rhythm from the song “We Will Rock You.”


Freshman Brock Montgomery and a leader from Kansas State University play an instrument during the Fine Arts Day. This was the first time Skyline held this event for the high school students. All high school students got purple and black sunglasses as a memory. photo by Jon Wiltshire

“Music can bring people together if they want to learn about music, but if they don’t want to, it will push them away,” sophomore Courtney Reece said.

It was a new experience for all students and at the end of the day the high school students presented the new school song to the elementary school. The elementary school supported the high school students by singing the new lyrics to “We Are Skyline.”

“It was definitely interesting,” sophomore Kayla Flora said.

House hopes that K-State wants to come back next year because the day was a great way for everyone in the high school to learn together having fun and using music. “It’s a good opportunity,” House said.

“Not every school can do it with all kids together, and we have the place, so why wouldn’t we do it next year.”

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