Parking causes dispute

Since 2014, the Pep Club has allowed high school students and teachers to buy parking spots to help pay for the upcoming year’s homecoming supplies. At the first Pep Club meeting sponsors Kathryn McAllister and Darci Poland had a map of the parking spots around the school. The students were then able to choose the spot they wanted. The spots ranged from $15 to $25 depending on their proximity to the school entrances.

“We just used the prices already established from the previous year,” McAllister said.

Although the parking spots were a huge fundraiser for the Pep Club, there was still some dispute amongst some of the students about the high prices. Some students thought that the prices were a little extreme because of the amount of money that was accumulated by all the faculty and students.

“I think the parking spots are a bit over priced because we are poor high school students,” sophomore Kayla Flora said. “I think the prices should be more around $10 or less.”

On the other hand, there were some students who agree with the prices of the parking spots. Many understand that this was the only fundraiser the club did for their homecoming events, and appreciate that they got to personalize their own parking spot.

“I think it’s a good price, because for one, that’s their only fundraiser, and secondly, if you want a good parking spot you have to pay good money for it,” senior Sheldon Miller said.

Along with the high prices of the parking spots, students also have not been following the parking policy of not parking their vehicle in a spot that was not their own. While having the stress of paying $25 for a spot in the high school parking lot, they also have the stress of wondering if someone is going to park in their spot. Furthermore, the penalty for parking in someone’s spot is not strict enough yet. Not only that, the owner doesn’t receive any profit.

“I think it is ridiculous to pay $25 for a parking spot that you can not even use half the time when someone parks in it,” senior Caden Patterson said.

Lastly, $15 to $25 is a small price to pay for all the benefits that come out of having a homecoming because some schools aren’t as fortunate as Skyline is. It’s good to see how homecoming brings out school spirit.

“The prices are worth it to me because of guaranteed parking for a whole year,” senior Jarod DeWeese said.

With nearly 70 kids in the Pep Club, the parking spot fundraiser has many benefits, but also a few downfalls. The money from the parking spot fundraiser was one of the biggest contributions to Homecoming.

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