Pep Club brings in new changes

The Pep Club started making changes in the club and came up with new ideas to make it more fun.New sponsor, Darci Poland, said that for her, the goal of Pep Club was to bring school spirit and to support the athletes.

“I just wanted to bring new ideas for the club,” Poland said.

According to Poland, the sponsors decided to make new changes to the club just to get new ideas and to do things differently from the years before.

Poland also said the kids would be decorating the gym and she thought they would enjoy it and have a lot of fun.

She also said that she decided to be sponsor because she wanted to help to give new ideas.

Co-sponsor Kathryn McAllister said that for her, the goal of Pep Club was to spread school spirit, support other Skyline activities and provide the students opportunities to be involved in school activities.

She said that they decided to make changes in the club because she wanted students to be a bigger part of the decision-making, planning and organization of the club.

They brought back officers for Pep Club to make the students take on leadership roles.

“I enjoy seeing the kids having fun,” McAllister said.

The theme for homecoming was “Go for the Gold.” They wanted to provide a friendly competition between the high school classes and give all students the chance to participate in showing their school spirit with dress up days, class contests, team skits and assembly decorations.

She also said that she decided to be sponsor of Pep Club because she and Poland enjoy being with the kids and they think that it is a good opportunity to get the students excited about supporting each other through the club.

Junior Sydney Koirth is one of the officers and she said she wanted to be officer because it looks good for college and because it is fun.

“I have a lot of fun in the club and I like to contribute giving new ideas,” Koirth said.

The thing she likes most about Pep Club is that she can be creative. She also said that she likes the club because she gets to interact with the students and she gets a lot of energy.

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