School changes early dismissal

Skyline has had early dismissal days for a while. For the 2016-2017 school year, early dismissals have been changed to Fridays once a month. The first Friday of every month students are released at 11:30 a.m. 

“I have the chance to get homework done and hang out with the football team,” junior Carson Lee said.

He likes to get a break from school and be able to get some rest on the early out days.

Lee is not the only student who likes having early dismissals. Sophomore Trayton Audiss goes straight to Arby’s after school, but also spends the rest of his day working.

“I’d rather stay home on Friday, because it’s a waste of gas,’’ Audiss said.


Pep Club members open up their creativity while painting the parking spots on one of the early dismissal Fridays. Senior Montana Kocher and freshman Kayla Urban repainted Karen Kumberg’s spot after they had spelled her name wrong. photo by Charly Spitzner

Although students do not have lunch on early dismissal Fridays, some students tend to eat at Arby’s or other fast food restaurants, just like Audiss.

“I like it because I don’t have to be in school for eight hours,” senior Ricky Whitfield said.

Students may get out early, but teachers and staff do not get to leave early on those Fridays. Teachers gather to bring ideas and thoughts about their curriculum together to improve student learning.

“I like it because it gives us time to work with other teachers,” agriculture teacher Michelle Keener said.

Besides working on curriculum, teachers work together to analyze testing data for all their students. Everything they do must lead back to student improvement.

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