Advanced students compete at the annual Math Relays

Math teacher Kim Lee took 14 students to compete in the annual Math Relays competition at Fort Hays State University.

Last Thursday three freshmen, five sophomores, five juniors and one senior left Skyline around 6 a.m. to compete against over 700 students from across the state in classes 1A-6A. The tests they took were then scored and compared to fellow 2A/3A participants. Individuals and teams that placed in the top ten were recognized at the 2A/3A level. There were four team placings and five individual placings in the top ten at the competition.

“We didn’t do as well as we could have because we didn’t have as many people through as many upper level classes due to the trimester schedule, but overall we still had some good success and results,” Lee said.

One of the students who placed individually was senior Jarod DeWeese, who was the only senior to participate. He placed sixth in one of his events.

“I think we did a good job considering the fact that we only had one senior, but we still had room for improving,” DeWeese said.

Junior Carson Lee and sophomore Erik Ghumm were the other two students to place individually. Carson placed fifth, sixth and ninth and Ghumm placed sixth in an event.

Kim said that the lack of students having gone through advanced classes made it more challenging than normal, but it was still definitely worth their while.

“I think it is good for the students that go to see other people they have competed against in sports, forensics, and other activities and see that math is also a strength for them,” Kim said.

Math Relays was a good opportunity for students to compete against many other students from much larger schools throughout the state and know that they can perform well at any level.

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