Thanksgiving overshadowed by Christmas music

The leaves have begun to fall and Thanksgiving is now coming our way.

Although most people started looking forward to Thanksgiving, there was also many people who moved on from Halloween and shifted their minds right to Christmas.

This has been expressed in many ways, the most common one being Christmas music played too early.

The girls’ basketball team decided to have a fundraiser in which they played Christmas music constantly throughout the high school classrooms and hallways first thing in the morning. Once $100 was donated to the girls’ basketball program, the music stopped and many people got their sanity back, while others miss the music.

“I despise the Christmas music because it’s not even December yet,” senior Brayton Fletcher said. “It gets pretty annoying.”

While some people were against it, some were all for it and enjoyed the holiday cheer.

“I love the music because it brings Christmas spirit and makes most people happy,” sophomore Cassidy Corbet said.

The donation was achieved on Tuesday, and the music is no longer played at the beginning of the day. Although the goal was reached, the music continues in Morgan Ballard’s room. He has a yearly tradition to keep it playing during his classes until Christmas break, once the temperature drops below 32 degrees.

Despite the distractions from other major holidays, Thanksgiving should not be forgotten because of the great food, football and time with family.

Above all of these, we should remember that the real meaning is to show our gratitude for our American freedoms and to praise God.

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