The New Bus

Skyline has decided that besides the yellow buses, one bus was needed for activities.

A small white bus that mechanic Benny Hayes can repair was purchased for this purpose. After the purchase, blue and white stripes and the logo of the school were put on the bus.

Hayes said that the new bus has capacity for at least six more students than the suburbans. The bus was purchased over the internet.

“I love the bus and also the kids,” Hayes said.


The new activity bus sits across the street at the state cross country meet in Wamego on its first ever trip from Skyline. Mechanic Benny Hayes said that it was cheaper to take the small bus rather than two small vehicles because the bus uses diesel. courtesy photo

The bus came from Indiana. Any person with a driver’s license can drive the white bus. From now on the teachers that go on trips with their students are going to be able to take the bus and take their students.

The total price of the bus was $5000 and the school would love to have more buses like this one in the future.

The kids love the bus and they think it is a good idea to have a new bus with the colors of the school.

“The best thing about the bus is that it is not yellow like the other ones,” sophomore Kayley Cook said. “The thing that I like most about the bus is that is smaller and it has the colors of the school.”

The first time the bus was used was when it went to State Cross Country in Wamego.

“I think that it was a good idea to have a new bus because it shows school spirit,” senior Jarod DeWeese said. “There should be more buses like this one.”

DeWeese said that the kids seemed enthusiastic after the first bus trip to state.

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