Trump wins school

Story by
Daisy Marquez

The school voting poll was held by teachers Kenny Eddy, Chris Sanders, Shari Gates and Kris McPherson, while second grade teachers Hannah Barilla and Leah Befort were in charge of decorating.  

The whole idea was to see who the students would vote in for president.

“People came out and voted because of (Donald) Trump,” Eddy said. “That’s why he won.”

Of the 379 students and teachers who voted, 73% voted for Trump, 14% voted for Hillary Clinton, and there were a couple votes for Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.

‘’To me, if you don’t vote, you don’t need to complain on who wins,’’ Eddy said.

On the real elections, Trump had 47% and Clinton had 42% of the votes, while 6% voted for Gary Johnson and 3% supported Jill Stein.

Trump may have scored an astonishing upset presidential victory, but Clinton received more of the popular votes. Trump had 59,535,522 votes, but won the electoral college.

Freshman Kaylee Harbour said that she voted for Trump and although he said degrading things about women, she thinks he will do great things for this country. She was very pleased with the outcome of the election.

Freshman Heidi Roberts said she voted for Hillary because she liked what she was saying more than Trump.  She didn’t like the way Trump talked about women and other people. Heidi says she was shocked that Trump won because Clinton had the most popularity votes.

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