After Prom hosts yearly run through Lemons

On December 2, the parents of the seniors and juniors held the Rudolph Run. They started to plan the Rudolph Run in August to raise money for After Prom.

“This is a race for the whole community, not only for Skyline,” parent organizer Judy Hampel said.

It was the sixth time that the Rudolph Run was put on. The runners started at The Peoples Bank on South Main Street. They ran all the way down Santa Fe Road and through Lemons Park. From there they went through 6th Street Park and up to the public swimming pool. They finished the race running on 2nd Street back to The Peoples Bank.

There were exactly 30 runners, but more were registered. The weather was cold and rainy.

“We expected at least 37 runners,” Hampel said.

Some juniors and seniors helped with the Rudolph Run to earn hours to attend After Prom. They supported the runners and directed them the right way.

“It was really cold, but it was pretty fun to hang out with friends,”  senior Brynn McKennon said.

Every runner got a T-shirt designed by freshman Charlie Shafer and the first place winner got a $25 gift card. The second place runner got a $15 gift card and third place got a Chapeau gift card.

The best runner from Skyline was sophomore Erik Ghumm. He got second place in the male category. It was his third time to run but the first time that he was in the top three. One of the highlights of the run was the decorative Lemons Park Lights.

“It was a great race and the lights in the park were awesome,” Ghumm said.

The top three male winners were all high school students so they could not accept a prize. The top three female runners were Andrea Taylor, Stephanie Thompson and Stephanie Wiese.

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