Bowl season brings excitement

Arguably one of the best seasons of the year is now among us. It is bowl season for college football.

After 14 exciting weeks of regular season games beginning in early September and a championship week, the best teams now advance to bowl games which will last until early January.

The team with the most local interest is Kansas State. The Wildcats will face off against Texas A&M on December 28th, after an 8-4 season.

“I like the bowl games because it gives you a chance to watch the best teams go against each other one more time,” senior Ty Montgomery said.

Watching football is one of the many hobbies that students are involved with in their free time. Some of their favorite teams can be rewarded for their regular season efforts by playing in a bowl game.

“My favorite team is Oklahoma State, and I am excited to watch them beat Colorado in the Alamo Bowl,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery watches all of the playoff games and around half of the regular bowl games.

The top four teams are selected by a committee to be put in the College Football Playoff. This playoff format was started in the  2014-15 season. This year’s playoff will have number one ranked Alabama facing fourth ranked Washington in the Peach Bowl, and second ranked Clemson against third ranked Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl. The winners of these two games will face each other in the National Championship.

“I think that Alabama will win the playoff, but I think Michigan could beat them if they were in the playoff,” freshman Thomas Sturgeon said.

Alabama seems to be the favorite due to their No.1 ranking, and the fact that they are the only undefeated team contending for the championship. Although there may be favorites, none of these four teams should be overlooked.

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