Boys’ basketball team starts 3-2

The boys’ basketball team opened their season against the number one ranked team in class 2A, the St. John Tigers, coming out with a loss.


Freshman Steve Fisher shoots a three pointer against Cunningham Saturday night. The T-Birds bounced back to beat Cunningham by a score of 59-28, the night after they lost to Pretty Prairie. photo by Charly Spitzner

Unlike last year, the boys’ basketball team returned a bit of varsity experience. The boys’ team returned five seniors, three of which had varsity experience, along with four juniors.

“I feel like being one of my team’s captains is a good responsibility to have,” junior Tyler Tobin said. “I am also up for the task of helping my team improve, along with that, I am also very excited for this year’s season.”

The team has been preparing all summer for this upcoming season. Thirteen players on the team traveled to Kansas State University for a team camp to gain experience while improving on their skills. Many players competed in the summer league, MAYB, and got in the weight room many times a week. Others also participated in coach Kenny Eddy’s skill camps, along with taking private sessions with him.

“I think that participating in all of the extra summer activities has given us a jump start for this season,” junior Cooper Gates said. “I think it brought us closer as a team by working with each other all summer.”

Last week the T-Birds faced Medicine Lodge, Pretty Prairie and Cunningham in the preseason tournament held at Skyline. The boys ended up getting third in the tournament. There was a three way tie for first place between Medicine Lodge, Pretty Prairie and Skyline. The first place medals were awarded by the point system, which Medicine Lodge received. The second place was given out by a head to head instead of the point system, which Pretty Prairie received. Skyline ended up with third place. If first through third place were awarded by points, Skyline would have gotten second.

“I didn’t think we played as good as we could have in the tournament,” Eddy said. “When it comes down to it, if we would have just taken care of our business we could have gotten first place.”

Although the team placed third, going 2-1 in the home tournament was better than they had done the past two years.

After only beating the Kinsley Coyotes last year by one point, the T-Birds redeemed themselves on the road Tuesday, beating them 67 to 35.

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