Christmas around the world brings many new traditions from different countries

It’s a special season with the best holiday of the year coming up this month. 

Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated differently by families around the world. It’s a time for giving, as we reach out to our loved ones and friends.

There are many traditions that families have in the US for this magical time of year.

“We usually wake up, go to church, open gifts, spend time with family, and eat a big meal,”  freshman Steve Fisher said.

With the addition of a few foreign exchange students, this Christmas will give them a new experience compared to their past celebrations.

“We celebrate Christmas in Germany a little bit differently because our Santa comes on the 24th instead of the 25th,” junior Charly Spitzner said. “The little children sing a Christmas song to get their gifts.”

Senior Michal Cimerman from Slovakia also celebrates Christmas differently.

“We celebrate Christmas on the 24th like the rest of Europe,” Cimerman said. “It is a beautiful time when all members of the family meet at one place and spend these magical days together. During the day we watch Christmas movies. In the evening we eat dinner and then we get presents.”

Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated by countries all over the planet, with just as many traditions, whether on December 24, or December 25.

Don’t forget this holiday what really matters, have love and spread joy.

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