Girls’ basketball hosts school dance

The snowball dance was held on December 3, in the little gym at Skyline.

It was a fundraiser for the basketball girls arranged by girls’ basketball coach Morgan Ballard. At the entrance they charged $5 per person.

It was a rainy and cold day, but sophomore Sydney Graber still thought the dance was great.  “It was really fun because it’s the first dance held at Skyline other than Prom in a while,” Graber said.

The girls hoped the snowball would be a great time to hang out and dance with friends. One of the senior girls came up with the snowball dance idea.

“Most of the music was the kind I listen to and it was really fun dancing with my friends,” Graber said.

There were quite a few people there and a lot of food.

“The dance was pretty boring, but my favorite thing about the dance was the food there,” sophomore Colby Shriver said.

Shriver thought for the first year of doing the snowball dance, it wasn’t bad.

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