Government classes hold school revolution

A revolution at Skyline High School started the week after the presidential election.

Senior students that were in government class participated in creating the revolution.  The revolution started with a simple assignment. They were required to research five revolutions such as the American Revolution, the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution. They were then assigned to create a revolution on their own.

They were not allowed to write their name on the propaganda and they tried not to get caught. If the student got caught putting up their poster, they were punished by getting a low grade and automatically lost. They had to be creative with their ideas and make something that they felt Skyline should change or have control over.

“Some of the topics for the revolution were Chromebooks instead of iPads,” teacher Kenny Eddy said.

Another topic was to allow teachers control over their room thermostats. Students also wanted more electives.

This revolution got teachers involved too, and created a war-like situation between the students and teachers. The idea of the revolution was to get the students to get a look into what a revolution looks like.

“If I can drive I can eat. Let us have open lunch,” senior Jake Shipley wrote on his revolution poster.

He was one of the few students who did not get caught.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting,” was one of Shipley’s main concerns.

There will be no changes due to the revolution at this moment.

Junior Jade Downs thought the things said on the posters were funny. “I thought they were actually trying do these things,” he said.

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