Ladies open season with single win

The girl’s basketball team started their season on December 2 against the St. John Tigers.

They hung with them the first half, then the Tigers took over in the second half. This led to a Tiger win with a score of 52-25.

“Our main challenge right now is playing consistently at a high level, instead of having lapses of poor play during the game,” coach Morgan Ballard said. “I know that we will continue to get better. I feel like the girls are buying into the fact that our team is in a learning process.”

The girls then played in the T-Bird Classic tournament where they took on Medicine Lodge on day one. The game ended in a loss for the girls with a score of 51-28. Senior Kamryn Stark shot three’s for the team in the three point competition. Stark made 10 of her 15 shots in the competition. Sophomore Gracie Bricker shot free throws for the team in the free throw competition. She made nine out of ten free throws.

“We will improve throughout the season as a team,” Bricker said. “I think we have good chemistry, we just haven’t played a lot together yet.”

On day two, they took on the Pretty Prairie Bulldogs where they squeaked out a win by a score of 39-38. In the three point competition, Stark hit seven shots, and during the free throw competition, Bricker scored 13 out of 20. On the last day the girl’s went against the Cunningham Wildcats. The game ended with a 44-29 T-Bird loss. During the three point competition, Stark made nine of her 15 shots, and Bricker made 16 free throws.

“I thought we did some very nice things during the tournament,” Ballard said. “We proved to ourselves that we are capable of competing and winning ball games when we focus on the elements of the game we can control.”

Tuesday the girls went up against the Kinsley Coyotes and came up short with a score of 52-20.

“I really appreciate the effort that these girls give on a daily basis,” Ballard said. “They are great kids in and out of basketball and fun to be around.”

They play tomorrow night at home against Fowler and are currently 1-4.

“Wins and losses will not define us down the road, but how we treat each other and represent our school will,” Ballard said.

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