Two compete at Job Olympics in Lyons

Job Olympics was a competition held between several different districts all over Kansas. There were competitions held that made students show off their talents. These competitions included things like counting and sorting money, folding towels and newspapers, and making beds.

Senior Star Boley and sophomore Jace Riggs stand with their medals. Both recieved a first place finish. This was Boley’s first year and Rigg’s second. The two traveled with para Angie Tobin to Lyons to compete on November 18.

courtesy photo


They were allowed to compete in as many as five events that they choose.

The students who competed were senior Star Boley and sophomore Jace Riggs.

Boley competed for her first year in money skills-sorting, and Riggs in money skills-counting. This was his second year. Both received first place medals.

“Boley was very excited and her motivation to do well rubbed off onto Jace,” teacher Melissa Hittle said. “Actually he had no choice. She made him practice.”

Para Melissa Hittle was also a big factor in preparing the students for this competition.

“I do love these kids, and I am so proud of them and their hard work,” Hittle said.

They were given a scoresheet of what the judges would score them on so they could practice.

“Mrs. Tobin really pushed us to practice at home so we could do well,” Riggs said. “The competition will really help in the future with getting a job.”

The group traveled on November 18 to Lyons. Para Angie Tobin got to take the kids and watch them compete. There was also a dance and lunch held for the kids.

“My favorite part of the day was getting to go to the dance,” Boley said. “I learned a new dance and taught my para, Mrs. Tobin.”

“It was fun to watch the students win,” Tobin said. “It really gets them thinking about different skills they want to focus on in the future.”

Job Olympics helps those who participate by putting them a step ahead in the job world.


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