Boys’ team gets third in classic

The past, present and future are bright for the fast-paced Skyline boys’ basketball team. The team took third place in the annual 54 Classic Tournament held at Cunningham. 

On the first night of the tournament, the boys’ took on the number eight seed, Cunningham, winning 80-33. They headed into the semi-finals on Friday taking on Medicine Lodge, who outscored them 63-61. That game went into overtime which led to a T-Bird loss. On the final day the boys’ played for third place in a rematch against the Attica Bulldogs. The boys’ won in overtime with a score of 59-53.

“I feel like we did pretty good in the classic this year,” junior Cooper Gates said. “We did not have the outcome we expected nor hoped for, but third place is still something to be proud of.”


Freshman Sam Fisher takes the ball to the hole during the homecoming game against Cunningham, as junior Tyler Tobin looks on for a potential rebound. photo by Madison Tyler

The week after the tournament the boys spent their time in practice working on defense and staying familiar with everything they had been working on all season. They took the day off from practicing on Monday and Tuesday of the girls’ tournament week. Along with that, they were able to spend a few days in the weight room.

“I think being able to get into the weight room helped us stay in shape, and the days off were nice because we got to support the girls,” freshman Sam Fisher said.

The returning week, the team traveled to Stafford and Burton where they stomped the Trojans 78-21. They had a close fight with the Chargers, losing 78-81. For some of the final league play games, the boys were able to pull off wins against Attica, Cunningham and Norwich.

“It felt great to be able to win these last few games because we can definitely benefit from it when it comes time for Sub-State,” senior Matthew Giles said.

The Thunderbirds take on the Central Christian Cougars tonight at 8 in Hutchinson.

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