Career cruising added to short Fridays

By Michelle Ramirez

Skyline recently started to do Career Cruising. Every first Friday of the month all the students go to a certain teachers classroom and get together with their classmates. 

“Career Cruising kind of helps with my future of what kind of jobs my skills are good for,” sophomore Megan Urban said.

Students go online to the Career Cruising website and fill out a survey to see what careers are best for them. It comes up with a list of different careers and they can look and see the salary, how many years of college they need to take for a certain career, and certain classes they could take in high school for that career.

“I feel like career cruising will kind of help with my future plans,” Urban said.

On February 3, the students got into their groups and did an activity together.

“I think it was helpful to figure out what value means the most to me,” Urban said.

They had to circle all the values they live by. Out of all the ones they circled they had to pick 10 and write them down. They had to write each of those 10 down on pieces of paper, then they had to pick three out of the 10 to keep. The students wrote those three down on paper and gave an explanation why they were important to them. They then had to keep only one value.

“The values activity was boring and not something I wanted to do at school because it’s something you could do yourself,” sophomore Courtney Reece said.

Reece thought Career Cruising helps you see what careers you would enjoy and some that you could pursue, but she said students should not be forced to do it because not everyone got careers they wanted or were even interested in. Also, she thought it really didn’t help many people because they already knew what career they wanted to pursue.

Even though some students thought Career Cruising was a waste of their time, some students believe that it is helping them with their future plans and goals.

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