Class learns skills from freezer meals

If you wanted to save time making your meals, Cheri Haskett’s entrepreneur class sold freezer meals for the second time this school year.

“It’s teaching entrepreneurship how to make money,” Haskett said.

They got 55 orders and worked on them in entrepreneurship class all last week and many days after school.

“It’s hours of work. We easily put in 50 to 60 hours,” Haskett said.

The profit will be used to help update the classroom and for future trips.

“I think they are fun and something different, so it gives people a different look about what we are doing,” freshmen Jazmine Askew said.


Sophomore Mily Guerrero, and freshmen Jazmine Askew and Hayley Roberts put together all the ingredients in a bag. The freezer meals were a success for the entrepreneurship class. They are thinking to do it again during the summer. photo by Charly Spitzner

The students put all the ingredients together, measured it all out and at the end they put it in all the bags.

“It was stressful when people didn’t help or put effort into it because a lot of us were trying,” Askew said.

Eight students from the class went with Haskett to buy all the ingredients on a trip to Wichita.

“We only spent $2,387 but we brought in $5,700,” Haskett said.

Each order consisted of ten meals. Customers had to buy the complete package, so each order was $100. Customers also had to pick up the meals after school.

It’s the second time that the class has done the freezer meals. The first time was in November and they got 45 orders. Most of the students liked to do them because they were fun and they helped raise a lot of money.

Students learned entrepreneurial skills such as time managment, marketing, in which they planned the product mix and determined services to provide the customers, developed the budget, and managed the finances.

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