FFA introduces Blue and Gold

The FFA organization sold Blue and Gold, cups, hats, shirts, coats and sweatshirts to raise money for the new chapter that started in the fall. 

The FFA crew worked together to reach their $7500 goal. With everyone’s effort, the chapter made more than the starting goal. The money will be used to support the chapter for any trips or events.

Sophomore Kami McComb, freshman Jay Crowdis and sophomore Wyatt Slade were the three highest sellers. They received prizes like gift cards, free lunches and a formal dinner in Wichita. McComb got first place for selling the most products, and Crowdis and Slade came in second and third respectively.

All of the FFA members who participated in selling the products met the requirement of selling $200 worth of products or more. Products were mainly sold to the Pratt community, students’ family members and to Skyline patrons. The sales began during Thanksgiving and ended in January in order to sell as much as possible.

“I enjoyed the hard work students put into selling,” Ag teacher and FFA advisor Michelle Keener said.

The packages arrived on January 31 and were sorted and picked up by the end of the day. Keener had to collect every students’ money and keep record of how much was sold.

“Blue and Gold has been a tradition and I feel it helped out the chapter since it just formed,” freshman Brock Montgomery said.

Montgomery enjoyed selling and meeting up with people he had not seen in awhile and explaining to them what it was all about and how they could help the chapter. He got to enjoy the sausage and chicken he bought himself and realized it was better than he thought.

“It’s really good,” Montgomery said.

Sophomore Trayton Audiss also enjoyed spending his time selling products, because it advertised the chapter and got more money to buy things for the chapter. He said customers were easy to handle and were pretty nice. Audiss looks forward to attending  any available trips.

“I think it was easy to sell because I sold to my friends and family,” Audiss said.

The Blue & Gold Sausage Company concept began in the early 1960’s, by an agricultural education teacher in Oklahoma to fund their ongoing projects. Don Ramsey began processing pigs raised by his FFA members and made breakfast sausage for them to sell. The Blue and Gold was a success and is now expanding throughout the country.

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