Students show off their inner scientist

Science Olympiad is intended for students that have an interest in science and engineering who may or may not choose a career in one of those fields. The point of Science Olympiad is to learn some science and have some fun in the process.

This annual event was held at Fort Hays State University on February 9. Events covered Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Engineering, and Inquiry. They range from pencil and paper tests, to performing lab experiments, to building a structure or robot.

Many kids through all of Kansas were there and Skyline also had their young scientists there. There were five kids who attended. Among them were sophomores Gabriel Flanders, Erik Ghumm, Adison Hampton and Josie Jensen, and senior Jarod DeWeese. TARGET teacher Brenda Piester was responsible for all the kids, so she was in charge of everything that was going on.

Most of the kids did not know what they were going to do until the day before the competition. Some of them found out what they were going to do just a few hours before the event started. They did not practice.

There were many categories that the kids could compete in. One of those was Optics.

“I had to move a certain amount of mirrors with a laser pointed at them and I eventually had to get that laser to hit a target in a certain amount of time,” Jensen said.

She was excited and looked forward to the day of Science Olympiad.

“I went because I knew it would be fun and I could learn a few things,”  Jensen said. “I really hope that everyone who went had a fun time.”

Skyline kids attend this competition every year. Jensen has been attending for a few years now.

“I’ve had to study for an event that involved insects and when I studied, it was usually on my own time,” Jensen said.

Veteran DeWeese has been going there since sixth grade. He did Anatomy, Disease Detectives, Microbe Mission, Dynamic Planet, and Hydrogeology.

“I’ve been enjoying going and competing,” DeWeese said.

Hampton was involved in four categories. They were Ecology, Write it Do it, Invasive Species, and Experimental Design.

Interesting categories may be unknown for some people and imagining what the thing is about can be difficult.

She went into more detail about the Write it, Do it category.

“You basically have a partner who is put in a different room, while you are shown an object and you have to try and explain in writing how to make the object to your partner,” Hampton said. “The paper with directions is taken to your partner and they have to try to recreate the object you were originally shown.”

Flanders and Lee got first in Geosciences, DeWeese and Flanders got third in Dynamic Planet and other kids got fourth through eighth places.

“Considering we didn’t have a full team and didn’t have time to prepare, I think we did pretty awesome,” Jensen said after the competition.

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