Ag participates in nationwide FFA week

By Michelle Ramirez

FFA had a fun week of playing games and other activities during the week of February 20, which was also known as FFA Week. They set up a table in the main hallway and each day throughout the week they asked different agriculture questions. Any person in the school could answer the question on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. At the end of the day the first piece of paper with the right answer would win that day.

“I liked seeing kids that are not normally involved to be involved,” FFA president Caden Patterson said.

On Monday they had tailgate games during seminar. Tuesday they played Wii games. Wednesday all FFA members cooked for the faculty breakfast.

On Thursday it was business partnership day with Tractor Supply. FFA members greeted all the customers and helped them carry their bags.


Freshman Brock Montgomery plays a game of ladder golf in the shop during FFA week. This was one of the many games played each day of that week. They were normally played during seminar. photo by Justin Brown

“I liked going to Tractor Supply to show the people we are helping out the community, also showing everyone how fun FFA can be,”  FFA vice-president Kami McComb said.

They also had kindergarten through sixth grade coloring competitions each day throughout the week. They would pick a winner from each grade.

“I feel like we got to promote little kids by doing the coloring competitions,”  McComb said.

They also had a scavenger hunt, where there were different clues all around the football field with different tasks to do.

The officers agreed that FFA had a fun week helping the school get involved in the activities.

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