Both teams end seasons early

By Mason Brack

Both basketball teams ended their season after an early first round loss in Sub-State.

After returning only one starter, the girls team knew that it was most likely going to be a rebuilding year.

“Coming into the season, coach told us it would take a while to click after starting a whole new lineup,” sophomore Kayley Cook said.

They picked up six wins and lost a total of 18 games. The ladies ended their season with a 86-16 loss to the four time state champions, the Central Plains Oilers.

“From the outside looking in, you see our overall record and say the season wasn’t very successful but we accomplished a lot more than just winning six ball games this year,” head coach Morgan Ballard said. “I felt every player improved as the year went on and we definitely became better teammates.”

One personal accomplishment was senior Kamryn Stark earning first team All-League honors.


During Senior Night, sophomore Gracie Bricker waits for junior Brittaney Smith to roll off the screen. “This season was a learning season for most of us younger girls on the team,” Bricker said. “The seniors were very patient and helpful throughout the season, even though they didn’t have the outcome they wanted.” photo by Madison Tyler

Senior boys, Justin Hampel and Jared Shriver, also received first team honors.

For the third year in a row the boys team finished their season with a winning record.

“We found out what it took to be successful,” Shriver said. “This was one of the best seasons I have ever been a part of and we did things we haven’t done in a while.”

Even though the boys ended their 14-7 season against Kiowa County with a score of 73-46, they had many successful moments throughout the year. One of their most successful accomplishments was winning more games than any previous teams since the 18-6 season in 1994-1995.


Shooting a three, senior Matthew Giles shoots over a Kiowa County defender while junior Carson Lee and senior Justin Hampel crash the boards to get a possible rebound. The team was the fourth seed in Sub-State and got to host one last home game in the Thunderdome. They lost the game 73-46 and ended their season. photo by Courtney Gamble


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