FCCLA takes trip to Kansas City

During the weekend of March 3, FCCLA sponsor Cherie Haskett took her FCCLA members on a trip to Kansas City. They left around 11 a.m. on Friday and they arrived back in Pratt on Saturday at 7 p.m. Haskett took all six of her FCCLA students.

“The kids had earned money and we wanted to take a trip and we also wanted to see how other communities operate, bigger than ourselves,” Haskett said.

They took one of the suburbans and drove four and a half hours to get there.

She said the atmosphere between students and herself was very enjoyable.

“The students were excited and they enjoyed seeing all the different things that Kansas City has,” Haskett said.

picture kansas city

Senior Montana Kocher and Raul Rios, sophomores Michelle Ramirez and Megan Urban and Silvano Casas, and freshman Kailey Hamm pose for a group photo during the Kansas City Trip.

The students saw a lot of new things and some were there for their first time.

“I have never been there before and it was so much fun to explore and looking through all the new stuff,” sophomore Megan Urban said.

They did a lot of events in Kansas City. They went shopping and they visited the Cheesecake Factory. They went through West Bottoms, which is a store with very old and antique things. In the evening they went out eating at a Italian Restaurant.

Senior Montana Kocher said eating out with our teacher was very cool “because she is new and she became more like a friend for us.”

Kocher enjoyed trying cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory.

This trip was a good opportunity to show the students a bigger community and Haskett hopes to do a trip with her FCCLA class again next year.

“Yes, I hope so and I definitely would like going there again,” Haskett said.

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