Forensics team lead by several upperclassmen

Forensics is a professional organization for the many men and women who train American students in the skills of public speaking.

Coach Anita DeWeese takes care of 11 kids who do forensics. Four seniors Trent Adams, Kendall Davidson, Jarod DeWeese and Brynn McKennon, and two juniors Jade Downs and Carson Lee. There are four sophomores, Madison Adams, Erik Ghumm, Adison Hampton and Jon Wiltshire.

“It is good experience for students to go out in front of people and perform,”  Anita said.

Forensics season started in February and students practice in their own time. There are not any special topic for speeches, they can be about everything.

All of them practice their speeches.

“I did one on the topic of legalizing marijuana and it was pretty nerve rattling,”  Ghumm said.

It usually takes about one week to learn one speech.      Everyone has their own speech specializing in different topics.

“My solo is about a cowboy who goes somewhat crazy,”  Downs said.

There are several meets where students perform. Kids competed in four competitions so far. There is a League meet, which takes place in South Barber on April 4. Several kids have already qualified for State.

“We leave school at 6 a.m. and usually spend the whole day there,” Anita said. “We get back home very late.”

Even though they do spend a lot of time learning their speeches and going to  competitions, Downs said everything about forensics is special.

“It’s the best time you’ll ever have,”  Downs said.

On March 13 they went to Otis Bison for one of their 12 meets.

“Everyone did well,” Jarod said.

The Team will travel to Pratt on April 1 and right after that they go to Bucklin on April 3.


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