Longboarding becomes new popular after school activity

A group of longboarders have grabbed people’s attention with their fast silky smooth wheels that spin all across Pratt. 

Junior Tyler Tobin, and sophomores Cade Swonger, Jonathan Wiltshire, Erik Ghumm and Tanner MaGee gather once in awhile to find more longboarders in town. With only one skate park in Pratt, these students ride around all possible and rideable streets they can find, just to have fun and enjoy the art of longboarding.

Causing no trouble, the longboarding crew spends two hours or sometimes most of their day to practice new tricks and test their skills.

“I have to ride a bike now because of my hip,” Wiltshire said.

During football season he broke his ankle which led him into having trouble riding a board. With high hopes, he feels one day he will be able to ride again with the crew.

Sticking together is something that mattered to all of them when a group of BMX bike riders confronted them at the skate park. The situation got worse when one of the BMX members said he wanted them off of the skate park. Claiming the skate park was his, bad language bursted out of his mouth. The longboarders  zoomed out as quickly as possible.

The longboards can go as fast as 80 mph and can be as long as 33 to 59 inches.

“If you have big feet you go slower,” Tobin said.

Owning three long boards, Tobin hardly uses them during winter, because of the sharp cold weather. Tobin feels that having friends while riding makes it more fun than riding by himself.

As spring approaches, they are excited to get back out to the skate park and keep on a riding.

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