Musicians play, sing at League Music Festival

On March 7 the Skyline band traveled to Stafford High School for the league music festival. They performed in front of a set of three judges who specialize in different musical categories.

At League, the choir performed the musical pieces “Elijah Rock” and “Kyrie” a song arranged by John Levitt. The band performed a concert march called “Silver Crest,” and the song “To Challenge the Sky and Heavens Above.”

At the festival, the band earned three straight 1s from the judges. Both the band and choir were judged on three main categories; tone, intonation and technique. There were also several other sub categories. They were scored on a scale of 3 to 1, 1 being the best and 3 the worst. The choir received two 1s and a 2 for their ratings.

“I like being able to hang out with friends and listen to awesome music, and getting critiqued on your own music is nice as well,” junior Carson Lee said.

The band, choir, solos and ensembles will travel to Larned High School for Regionals on April 1 to compete for a 1 rating to qualify for state. If it qualifies, band will go to Pratt High School on April 13 for State. If solo’s and ensembles qualify, they will travel to Salina on April 29 for State.

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