Sparks ignite due to changes in Prom venue

Controversy about some of the new changes to Prom has come up among some of the students in the high school. 

For the past four years Prom has been held at the Elks Lodge. The juniors decided to make a change to the location and have the dance at the Barker’s Ranch east of town.

Another change they made is the removal of a sit-down meal where you are served at your seat. They are having a buffet style dinner, so if you want more, you can help yourself to seconds. Sophomore servers will still be in attendance, but will be at the different food stations serving food along with keeping the buffet organized and clean.

One junior took these changes into consideration and passed around a petition for anyone who didn’t agree with the change and wanted to go back to the old ways. Many people agreed with at least one of his points and signed it, but the petition failed.

“I decided to make this petition because nobody listens to me in my class and I wasn’t the only one with these concerns,” junior Jade Downs said. “If they wanted to change something that hasn’t been around very long it would be fine, but a sit down meal where you are served has been a tradition for many years and they should have consulted the rest of the high school before they made this decision.”

The changes in Prom are promising because I like to experience new things and keep an open mind. However,  I would rather have a sit-down meal where I get my food brought to me. Along with that, having a buffet defeats the purpose of having sophomore servers if they aren’t actually taking our food out to our table. Having attended Prom since my freshman year, I am very aware that people at Skyline do not enjoy to dance as much as we like to socialize. So I think a change in the location and schedule will keep everyone more entertained.

“I don’t think it’s fair to everyone to pay $10 for a meal that is not served to you at your seat,” senior Jared Shriver said. “I also see a problem with the dancing being outdoors considering we live in Kansas and cannot predict weather, nor is it easy to keep our dates attire clean.”

Although this is a huge change to the Skyline Prom history, we all need to keep an open mind and make the best of it. Juniors have the right to make their own decision about how they plan Prom and we all need to give them credit for their hard work.

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