Bell commits to Air Force after college

There are so many young people who struggle with their future. They do not know what they want to do just because there are so many options, but some of them do know. One of them is senior Garrett Bell. 

“I wanna fly,”  Bell said.

He is pretty interested in military life and will join this summer. One of the things that Bell has to have to fly in the Air Force is to have an Air Technology Degree. It takes four years to get that degree so he is going to K-State. There are special things that he must do at the school, such as physical training, which every soldier needs.

“I want to serve the country,” Bell said. “I want to be part of something greater than myself.”

He has been interested in flying since seventh grade. Bell is determined to reach his goal and do whatever it takes to become a pilot.

Bell said that he wants to become a military pilot.

He really does not care what kind of plane he will fly. He is flexible and he will do whatever they want. Bell is already getting a license for 3 million pound planes, so he will be able to fly huge cargo planes that carry people or supplies.

Every coin has two sides. Bell is excited about being a military pilot, but there are also some things that he is afraid of.

“I will not be able to have my own family,” Bell said.

This is his biggest fear. Bell will be gone nine out of 12 months a year.

His parents approve of him being a military pilot. Bell’s dad is a civil pilot, so he wants him to become a pilot.

“I plan to serve for 20 years,” Bell said.

He is excited that he will be traveling throughout the world, to places such as Africa and the Middle East.

Garrett Bell

Senior Garrett Bell plans on joining the Air Force this summer. He is going to Kansas State University for ROTC training. “I chose K-State mainly because they teach aviation,” Bell said. “Everything is up to date and the technology is modern.” photo by Lisa Coss


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