Co-Ed softball hits some dingers

High school students can be involved in many different extracurricular activities, and one of them is slinging some dingers in the Pratt spring Co-Ed softball league. 

Now that softball/baseball season is among us, a group of students has decided to build a Rec League superteam stacked full of a variety of differently skilled players. Their Co-Ed team is called the Blue Ballers.

Senior team captain Mason Brack originally came up with the idea, and the proposal quickly caught fire, as many other students decided to join up and showcase their abilities.

With a crack of the bat, the season got started with a batting practice held at the kickball field. The team polished their extraordinary abilities to get ready to bring the wood in the highly anticipated season. To open play, there was a double-header held at the Green Sports Complex. The team got off to a rough start, losing both games. The score of the first game was 17-8, and the score of the second was 15-2.

“The main goal for the season is to build team camaraderie,” coach Judy Hampel said.

This isn’t Hampel’s first rodeo when it comes to softball, as she has gained a wide variety of knowledge through her many years of playing women’s league, Co-Ed with her family, and coaching her niece’s T-Ball team, around a quarter of a century ago. Many of her journalism students are on the team.

The team is strongly built around a core of players with previous experience in either baseball or softball. The team has a total of 12 players, most of them being upperclassmen. The Blue Ballers will be balling their way to the top in seven games.

“I expect us all to have a lot of fun playing together, since there isn’t as much pressure as there was in high school sports, and we can kind of just let loose,” Brack said.

Although winning is kind of a big deal, the ultimate goal is to have fun, and being with friends playing sports is a good way to do that.

They play on Wednesdays at Green Sports Complex.

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