Easter egg hunt tradition continue

The Easter bunny came around again to give everybody a little present.

Easter is one of the oldest traditions to celebrate. The first time humans celebrated Easter was in the fourth century. Traditions have changed from the focus of Jesus’s resurrection to hunting colorful eggs. Many families still gather together, attend church on Easter Sunday, and later hunt eggs.

“I hung out with my cousin and family and we went to go look for eggs together,” sophomore Nikolas Montgomery said.

The most traditional event in America is hiding colorful eggs for children.

easter egg hunting049-cs

During the Easter egg hunt for the elementary school on April 13, first grader Tori Wray finds a couple Easter eggs. She was happy to find candy inside of them. Easter is one of the many holidays that the elementary students celebrate at school. photo by Charly Spitzner

“We are coloring eggs and sometimes we go outside and hide them,” sophomore Stephanie Holmes said. “Easter is a very special event for my little siblings.”

The Easter bunny makes the magical spirit in Easter. According to some sources the Easter bunny first arrived in America in the 1700s. But why exactly do we have an Easter bunny?

According to The Sun, a News UK Company, “Bunnies are nowhere to be found in the Biblical scriptures, but this hasn’t stopped the cute creatures from becoming associated with Christian tradition. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of the rabbit symbol, but many scholars believe it stems from pagan ritual. The pagan festival Eostre is dedicated to the goddess of fertility, who is often depicted as a bunny.”

Most people know that the weather in Kansas does whatever it wants to do. Last year, it was snowing over Easter break, so the kids looked for eggs in the snow.

“It was kind of special because you got to look for eggs in the snow, but it was still fun,” freshman Hayley Roberts said.

This year, the Kansas weather was a little bit surprising with a storm over the Easter weekend. Despite the weather, Easter is always a cute celebration especially for the younger kids.

Hopefully the Easter Bunny comes next year too.

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