Pratt gains Japanese culture

In March, a new chain restaurant opened in the old Long John Silvers building in Pratt, called Ninja Steakhouse and Sushi. In a small town like Pratt most people thought it would never make it more than a month, but so far it is still up and running very well.

“The Ninja Steakhouse had a really authentic feel to it, and the sushi exceeded my expectations,” social studies teacher Kenny Eddy said.

As I walked in, I felt like I was still in a Long John Silvers but the decorations were very well done the second time I attended the restaurant. I then felt more like I was in a Japanese restaurant. The service was decent there. I got  greeted and given a place to sit fairly quick, but after I got drinks and food, I never saw them again until they came to take my dishes.

One thing I don’t like is that you have to pay $1.50 to replace your white rice with fried rice. I do like that with every meal you get a fortune cookie with your ticket once you have payed.

“For being a sushi place in Pratt, America, it is not too bad, but I would say they could maintain their bathrooms a little bit better,” junior Madison Tyler said. “If I wanted good sushi and fried rice I would go to Kobe Steakhouse.”

I personally have been there three times and have tried the chicken and shrimp hibachi and the steak and chicken hibachi. In my opinion the chicken was well cooked and perfectly sauced. Although the steak was a bit rough, it was still good to eat. The only sushi rolls I have tried are the jalapeno rolls, which is a jalapeno popper but with crab meat. I’ve gone during both dinner and lunch times and the service have always been good and friendly.

Sure Kobe Steakhouse is preferred, but that’s in Wichita and they can support a larger number of restaurants. But for being in Pratt, it is a very good service and a great new addition to our city. Until this year we have had limited culture in our city, with only American, Mexican and Chinese food, but now we also have Japan represented.

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