Scholarship deadlines cause stress

By Mason Brack

With the end of school coming seniors are busy stressing over scholarships and planning for next year.

“The worst part of senior year is dealing with next year’s finances and having people always asking what your plans are,” senior Montana Kocher said.

Scholarships are one of the ways to get financial help for their upcoming years at college. Another option other than scholarships is grants, financial aid and loans.

“Scholarships are great to apply for because college expenses are high and student loans are not something I want to pay off for the rest of my life,” senior Caden Patterson said. “I hope to get as many scholarships as I can to try and keep my debt to a minimum or none.”

Many different websites can help students find tons of scholarships to apply for that range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Being in clubs and different activities can be helpful, as many of those organizations have scholarships for members to apply for.


Raul pg2

Filling out a scholarship online, senior Raul Rios looks to submit the application before it is due. Rios, along with many other seniors filled out several scholarships in hopes to receive funds for college next year. “I just go with the flow during the year and try not to stress too much about scholarships and the other stuff that comes along with senior year,” Rios said. photo by Mason Brack

“I didn’t really understand how many scholarships were actually available until this year,” senior Raul Rios said. “I think that people should start worrying about scholarships sooner and then it would be less stressful.”

Scholarships are a great way to help pay for college but can be stressful if you procrastinate due to senioritis.

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