Student athletes put in summer work

The sports teams will be honing their skills this summer.

Basketball, volleyball, cross country, and football will be participating in team and individual camps along with summer leagues. They will be competing against other teams they don’t normally play against, which gives them more practice on different strategies.

Assistant coach Kenny Eddy plans on hosting several basketball camps over the summer for all positions on the basketball court. He also will be helping the football team with weights and camps as assistant coach.

Freshman Ryan Adams plans on attending several individual camps for basketball and spending time in the weight room. He also will attend the team K-State basketball camp, Southwestern football camp, and Skyline’s football camp over the summer

“I will probably be at the school six to eight hours most days to work on sports for the upcoming season,” Adams said. “I enjoy working out and making myself a better asset to my team.”

The football team will be traveling to Winfield in early July to practice their skills at the Southwestern college camp. The boys’ basketball team will travel to Manhattan in late June to attend the K-State basketball team camp, both sports will be competing against teams they don’t normally play.

“I plan on attending several team and individual camps, while playing both summer league volleyball and basketball,” sophomore Kami McComb said.

McComb also wants to get into the weight room this summer to prepare for the upcoming sport seasons. She wants to work hard this summer so that it will pay off come season.

Cross country has a team camp in the mornings over the summer for a week where they will practice their running strategies such as form, breathing, and pace.

“To help improve my times for the upcoming season I will attend the camp and probably enter a few 5K races,” junior Madison Tyler said. “I enjoy the camp we have because it helps us form relationships with new team members.

This summer will be filled with many activities and opportunities for all sports to make players better and more prepared for the 2017-2018 season.


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