A year in the United States

It started with a simple “Hello,” and it ends with a complicated “Goodbye.”

This school year went by so fast for me. I remember exactly how I came here and now it’s almost over. It was a crazy, exciting, fun year. I gained so many new experiences and I met so many nice and grateful people during my exchange year.charly

I remember the first week of school. I was super nervous about what was going on here. School was so much fun, but also so different than in Germany. I went to a really big school in Germany, but I really can say that I love the small school feeling.

I tried all kinds of school sports and another exchange student,  junior Ana Lopez-Gil, was on by my side every time, no matter what new season started. Playing sports was so much fun and becoming close with the team was really nice.

Big, new experiences for me were Homecoming and Prom. I was in Fall Homecoming and sat in those fancy cars. That was so exciting. Freshman Kailey Hamm and sophomore Courtney Reece were next to me. I remember it was freezing, but we just had so much fun and enjoyed our special day. Prom was awesome. Everybody looked so pretty in their dresses and suits. I really enjoyed that night. Dancing and hanging out with friends was fun.

Another exciting event was the trip with the journalism class to Washington DC. The nation’s capital was so pretty and unbelievable. It’s was crazy and super cool.

I’m so glad that I did this exchange year. I met so many nice people, and had the opportunity to try so many new things. I want to say thank you to all the people that supported me during this year, especially my incredible host family. I did so many fun things with my host brother, sophomore Cade Swonger. When we played basketball no matter how tired my legs were it was just so much fun. Of course he beat me, but I always got so excited those couple times when I got to block him.

I will never forget this year. Thank you for everything.

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