High school students receive mentoring opportunity

The entire high school attended a mentoring assembly which was held by Youth Core Ministries September 26 during seminar.

The goal of YCM is to connect mentors with young people to help influence them and to build strong relationships. All of the high school students were given the opportunity to apply to mentor an elementary student. If the application is accepted, then they will be paired with a younger student that has similar interests and they will meet weekly for 30-45 minutes. For the application to be accepted, the students had to share what activities they were involved in, date of birth, reasoning for wanting to be a part of the program, and have a clean record.

“You don’t have to have great leadership skills to do this,” Student Success Coordinator Diane House said. “Anyone can do it.”

During the weekly sessions the pairs could play games, go outside, do a weekly craft, or just work on school work.

“I think it is a good way to get high school kids involved with the elementary school kids,” senior Carson Lee said.

Some surrounding schools like Cunningham, Pratt and Kiowa County are doing similar programs already. YCM challenged the Skyline students to have more kids involved than the other schools.

Over 35 high schoolers applied to mentor, but will have to be interviewed to see if they are qualified.

“I think it is very interesting, but I don’t really have time for it with football and classes,” senior Will Wiltshire said.

Lack of spare time has been the main cause for concern among students, but many are still interested in the program. The interviews start next week.

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