New agriculture teacher plans to expand program

After farming for one year, Ryan Kinsler, a native of Kingman, decided to try teaching.

Kinsler graduated from Kingman High School in 2011 and went to Hutchinson Community College for three years. He took classes in diesel mechanics and farm and ranch management. Later he went to Fort Hays State University to get an agronomy degree.

“Teaching is a big change to what I did before in my life,” Kinsler said. “I try to apply things that I learned in college to the classes, but I don’t try to overdo it.”

While in high school he did participate in FFA and he got used to fundraising.

“I feel like FFA is a great tool in the classroom,” he said.

Students are excited because they get to do more hands on projects like the Popsicle corals.

“I think he’s doing a great job with us,” senior Sydney Koirth said.

She is the new president for FFA and said they plan to do more activities outside of school because it is not FFA’s first year. Her goal is to get more people involved in FFA and to promote ag and have fun.

“I think that Mr. Kinsler will take FFA very far this year,” Koirth said.

Some of the FFA members are going to Indianapolis for the national FFA convention. They will interact with the head members of FFA and tour everything that is there. The convention takes place at the end of October.

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