Basketball boys embrace changes in coaching

A coaching change up hit the boys’ basketball team this summer. Former assistant, Kenny Eddy has taken over as head coach for the first time.

Eddy has been working hard in his offseason to get his boys prepared and has high expectations. Middle school social studies teacher Chris Sanders will be assisting.

They  have 40 boys going out. Eddy says that if the team buys in to defense then they can be scary good. They can’t stop every shot, but they are going to make it look like they are trying to. Attacking the rim harder and being able to make reads will be the offensive strategy. Another big point of emphasis both coaches push is getting in the weight room.

“Everything in athletics is easier when you’re stronger,” Sanders said. “Hopefully the boys start to realize the benefits of creating a weight room habit translates to the court directly.”

With three weeks left
until tip-off the team is going to work on slowing the game down with their defense and being more patient on offense to be prepared when they come out against St. John.

“We have tried to outrun good teams in the past and it doesn’t work,” Eddy said.

Both coaches had one thing they wanted the boys to work on, being intentional and forming good habits.

“I want them to focus on their habits,“ Sanders said. “Good and bad habits will be shown on the court and off the court in the classroom.”

Practices will be defensively orientated and twice as intense as games. This way the games will feel slow for the players.

“I’m looking forward to being the hardest working team and competing with St. John,” senior Tyler Tobin said. “I want to work on improving my personal game and helping my teammates out as well.”

With a week of practice under their belt the boys are still working hard and looking to improve every day.

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