High schoolers want Stuco

A student council is a group of students chosen by their classmates to organize social events and participate in the government of their school. This seemingly common club hasn’t existed at Skyline since 2011.

High school principal Herb McPherson said “a lack of activity and meaningful decisions” is why the student council was disbanded.

An active voice for the students would be a good idea because it would allow any student to be able to go to the council and have their voice heard.

“I feel a student council would be a place students could come with problems that they are too nervous to take to administration,” senior Carson Lee said. “I feel that it is something that this school needs.”

For example, a problem that occurred recently included the scheduling of Senior Night and Winter Homecoming. Originally on the school calendar, Basketball Senior Night was scheduled on the same evening as homecoming. This made some students upset. One student had the courage to talk to the administration about the scheduling conflict. If there was a Stuco, this problem could have been easier to change, or avoided completely, because Stuco could have approached the administration on behalf of the student.

“If there was a student council students would have more say in activities and less bickering and complaining about decisions made by the higher powers,”  senior Madison Tyler said.

Students feel as if their voices do not matter. With a Stuco, students with problems would be more likely to talk freely with their peers to find efficient ways to resolve the conflicts.

“A couple benefits would include students’ opinions being heard more and it would encourage more students to get involved in more activities,” Lee said.

Besides giving a voice back to students, a student council would allow students to learn leadership skills, event planning, and a basic understanding of parliamentary procedures.EPSON MFP image

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