School carnival date changed from May to November

The carnival has been moved from the end of the year to the middle of the year. Changing it to a different time of year made sense for many reasons.

Many families were not happy with having the younger kids going from play day directly to the carnival. The month of May already had tons of activities scheduled, and the carnival was an easy move for the schedule. At the end of the year, the tickets sales had also declined.

“All those factors led the Carnival committee to look at the possible alternatives,” student support specialist Diane House said.

Some people wanted this change for many years and the administration were completely supportive of making May slightly less hectic. Several dates were looked at and the decision was made for November. Most of the proceeds from the carnival are split amongst the classroom teachers and the clubs that work the carnival or provide a raffle basket.

“That money is then directly used for students, such as field trips and project supplies,” House said.

Last year the committee tried to introduce some new games to keep interest high in the carnival for more people. They had stock games that teachers and clubs could choose to use.

“The new games are always welcome, such as the recently added games like Plunger Races, Cookie Monster and Football Throw,” House said.

The prizes for the carnival include gum, small toys, food and pop. Any group could create a raffle basket. There will also be a silent auction.

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