Ag students participate in cattle judging competition

The Skyline team attended their second livestock judging competition last Friday.

The judging team consisted of sophomores Brock Montgomery and Bryson Fletcher, and juniors Wyatt Slade and Dalton Kenworthy.

“I like the judging competitions somewhat,” ag teacher Ryan Kinsler said. “It’s good for the kids to get out there and try something different.”

The judging competition was held at the Hutchinson Fairgrounds at the Horse Expo Arena. There were eight cattle classes.

Classes one and six were the reason classes. There were a combination of the classes for prospect steers, prospect market heifers, breeding heifer calves, bred heifers and bulls.

The high school students had to give reasons which are actually statements that back up the reason why they put the cattle in the grouping.

“My overall favorite part was giving reasons and you have reasons why you put them in the class and you have something to back it up with,” Montgomery said.

Facts and the physical features of the cattle were how they were grouped.

There were different grades for judging which ranged from kindergarten through twelfth grade and there were 25 awards given out.

Kinsler said he took the kids to the judging contest so they would have an opportunity for doing this.

There were over 300 people at the event. It was one of the largest groups in a while.

“I liked driving to the expo and going to Freddy’s,” Kenworthy said.

They were different breeds of cattle at the judging expo, Angus, Hereford, Charolais, Simmental.

“I like judging the different kinds of cattle,” Kenworthy said.

The Skyline team is hoping to get more judging competitions and not just cattle. Maybe more judging opportunities with sheep, goats and pigs.

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