Fine arts prepares for trip to Disney

Coming up on the agenda for the high school band and choir is a trip to sunny Florida.

Front 4

Four of the mixed ensemble ladies, juniors Kara Bower and Adison Hampton, freshman T’Lane Tobin, and junior Sara Carrington perform “White Winter Hymnal” at the concert Monday night. There were 18 singers in Mixed Ensemble, 12 girls and six boys. The choir had to memorize 13 songs for the trip. “I’m most excited about going on this trip because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Bower said. photo by Hallee Burgardt

Bob Lee will be sponsoring the trip along with 14 other adults, including his wife, Kim Lee. This is Lee’s sixth trip to Disney World. The group will leave tomorrow and arrive at approximately 3 p.m. Sunday.

“My first band trip as a director was in 1989 to Chicago,” Bob said. “Since then, I have been the director for the 14th trip I have taken.”

It is his sixth trip with a group to Walt Disney World. A total of 88 people will be going along for the trip.

Monday the band will march in the Magic Kingdom. The choir will sing the following night in the candlelight processional in Epcot.

“For me, my favorite part is always the performances,” Bob said. “They are just such great opportunities. But, I also enjoying seeing the students enjoying Disney, especially those who are experiencing it for the first time.”

Wednesday will be filled with a day at Clearwater beach and then fun in the Animal Kingdom.

Some of the rides in the park include Mount Everest and Kilimanjaro Safari.

Thursday the buses will depart home after a day at Hollywood and Universal Studios. The group is expected to be back Friday evening, December 22.

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