Government class sparks revolution

A government class project has helped bring about several changes to the high school.

Social studies teacher Kenny Eddy started a class revolution project last year in the senior government class. The students were tasked with creating a group name and logo. They also decided what ideas they wanted to work on during the revolution.

Last year’s government class decided to focus on the idea of adding baseball and softball, being able to wear hats in the building, carry book bags to their classes, and replacing iPad Minis with Chromebooks. Although there was no direct correlation that proves that the projects caused these changes, it is a coincidence that all of these ideas were completed the next school year.

“You can make an actual change with something when you go about it the right way,” Eddy said.

The current government class decided to focus on several main ideas such as forming a Stuco, changing the way homecoming is done, and limiting the seminar destroyer known as CAP groups. While Stuco hasn’t been formed, we have already seen changes with homecoming and CAP groups. The homecoming sponsors, Kathryn McAllister and Darci Poland, were more open to ideas different students had. For example, instead of only a select few getting out on homecoming day, everyone who had paid their dues was allowed to decorate.

Another change that occurred was that CAP groups now meet one day instead of taking up two days of valuable seminar time.

Eddy believes that this project has had many positive influences on the kids.

“It shows them how to actually deal with problems instead of just complaining about them,” Eddy said. “It shows them how to go through a chain of command to fix issues they have.”

Most of the seniors have really enjoyed being a part of the revolution project, thinking it was nice to get away from books and tests every once in a while.

“I think that the revolution project has made a positive impact,” senior Madison Tyler said. “My favorite part was hearing all of the different ideas my classmates had.”

Eddy hopes to continue building on the project by having students document everything they do, including the research and the interactions with administration.

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