Skyline students win stock market game for first time

Business teacher Jane Melroy’s Investing class from first semester got some attention for one of it’s class projects. The class recently had a team of two kids place first in the Stock Market Game. The game was a real-time investing game students played to help them develop positive money habits.

The class had a total of four kids for the first semester. They learned about savings, simple versus compound interest, stocks, mutual funds, and the stock market.

“Playing the game gives them real time experience learning how to track stocks, look at historical data, and buy and sell in real time with fake money,” Melroy said.

Junior Jace Riggs and freshman Colton Gamble got first out of 593 teams across the state of Kansas during the 10-week period.

“Our strategy at first was to pick our favorite stocks and keep them if they were doing well, but get rid of the ones that were doing bad,” Riggs said. “We took a risk on one stock we saw doing well and it took us all the way to the top.”

Melroy thinks that every student should have to take a class like this or at least a finance class because it gives them ways to get out of the living “paycheck to paycheck” cycle.

“I think these skills will apply later in life when you want to plan for retirement,” Gamble said.

This was the first time in Skyline history that a team won the game.


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