Sponsor goes extra mile, receives coach of the year

High school cheer coach Kim Lee received the 2017 National Federation coach of the year award at the first ever Kansas Cheer Competition.  She has been coaching for 25 years now. Lee’s first squad was in 1989. Between then and now she had taken time off to help her own kids when they were younger. In that time she also coached middle school cheerleading.

“I felt like nobody wanted to coach high school cheerleading and they asked me to coach and I decided why not,” Lee said. “I had some knowledge from when I was a cheerleader in high school, and from coaching the middle school cheer team.”

Lee and her team have lots of fun together. They want to be the best and so they strive for the best.

“I love having Mrs. Lee as my coach because she is willing to make me better, especially with knowing that I want to further my career in cheer after high school,” junior Kayley Cook said. Lee thought that the award was great, but she felt even better knowing that her team’s performance gave Skyline more recognition.

“You don’t have to be a big school to get recognized,” Lee said. “You just have to have a team willing to put the work in. You have to be able to work with them as a coach.”

Cook said Lee always believes in the team and never gives up on them.

“She is a really good coach,” freshman Kyrian Keeling said. “I really like her. I’m glad that Mrs. Lee got the coach of the year award.”

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