Agriculture classes compete for prizes

The National FFA Organization had a week where students played games and had trivia questions to celebrate FFA.

Normally the club would have a whole week to celebrate, but Skyline didn’t have school on the Monday of that week and so the officer team only had four days to plan out.

The officer team is Sydney Korith as President, Wyatt Slade as Vice President, Kami McComb as Secretary, Kaley Cook as Reporter, Carson Lee as Student Advisor, Brock Montgomery as Treasurer and Bryson Fletcher as Sentinel.

Tuesday was set aside to learn about FFA and Wednesday was about distracted driving. Thursday there were scavenger hunts for all the ag classes and Friday the FFA tailgate was held for the whole high school. The winner for the class scavenger hunt was Ag Mechanics, with the time of 4:22. The organization also hosted a school assembly on Thursday.

Radio personality 


Trent Loos came to the school and spoke about the benefits from agriculture. He talked about how the farmers made each generation a little bit better. Trent has spoke all over the country about agriculture and in 2008, he was recognized as the “Voice of Rural America.”

“I felt like the school needed Trent to come and speak and I feel like the school learned a lot more on how agriculture benefits the country,”  Montgomery said.

What FFA week is mostly about is to promote ag and show people what students can do in FFA and what events they can participate in. There are several events, ranging from judging cattle and plant science, to welding and working on small engines.

“Each officer taught a class leadership skill and people get to release some stress for FFA week,” Montgomery said.  

One of the greatest things about FFA is that all the projects in the classroom and outside the classroom are hands on.

“FFA also produces the best leadership skills with speaking in front of people,” Montgomery said.

FFA was founded in 1928 and there are over 600,000 FFA members today. There are 7,000 FFA chapters in the USA including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The state that has the biggest population of FFA memberships is California.

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